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United World Gamers and are pleased to announce our Left 4 Dead 2 Giveaway!
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We are currently experiencing some issues with the forums. While you can still post, the Forum menu button has been taken down along with the old link. In the mean time please use the following link to access the forums. Thanks for your patience.


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United World Gamers is a community, and in order for a community to thrive, you need good communication. So come join us on our Teamspeak server and enjoy the friendly conversations.

Our Teamspeak address can be found here: Teamspeak Info

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Team Fortress Tuesdays


From this day forward Tuesdays will be know as Team Fortress Tuesdays. So lets try to get as many members on Steam and get some games going. Don't worry if you do not have Team Fortress, as it's FREE, So get online get it installed and get to playing. Hope to see you out on the Mann Co. battlefield.