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Re: Humble 2K Bundle

Postby Donaramu » Tue Jul 08, 2014 12:52 pm

Good share, but didn't hb do a 2k bundle last year?
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Postby fivestar68 » Sat Jul 12, 2014 9:43 am

Hey fella's, just wanted to put this out there. I've been playing this game which is free to play, but you can spend money for ingame stuff. I never thought I would ever get into a game like this. Blizzard is working on incorporating a spectator mode so that would be perfect for clans like us. I could see this taking off in our community as some of us already play it. Check it out and you can watch a few rounds I streamed here and let me know what you all think.

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Absolute Drift

Postby Feebz » Sun Jul 13, 2014 3:10 pm

I just tried the Absolute Drift Demo and im quite pleased, its a really simple and fun drifting game :) took me some time to learn how to control the drift angles and speed. hope u other car guys/girls find this cool