Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on United World Gamers Forums. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. General

    1. 1.1 Show others that you respect them and their opinions.

      1.1.2 Do not discriminate by ethnicity, genre, political opinion, language, social position, religion, or anything.

      1.1.3 Discriminating comments about ethnicity, genre,political opinion, language, religion, social position, or anything else result in a kick or ban.

      1.2 No personal threats of any kind.Hacking, ddos, bodily harm, property damage ect ect! This is taken seriously and will be dealt with within the normal punishment procedures.

      1.3 You are fully responsible for any and all actions on your accounts

      1.4 Take initiative, participate in the community. #
  2. Leadership

    1. 2.1 Only the founder can appoint/remove the rank of leadership. But welcomes and respects everyone's input.

      2.2 Leadership can appoint admins if the Founder is offline for a period of

      21 days or more if it is an emergency.

      2.3 =UwG= should not be a 1 man show. Decisions for the community will be made together by the leadership.=UwG= leadership needs to be involved in any major decisions. Yet the founder has the final say.

      2.4 Any new Divisions that =UwG= may get involved in can only be pre approved by a member in leadership. It can only be officially approved by the founder.

      2.5 Only the founder of =UwG= can edit and make any new rules, unless told otherwise by the founder.

      2.6 Leadership, do not abuse your authority. Abuse of power will not be tolerated. Any violations will result in the loss of Admin privileges or banned.

      2.7 All =UwG= leadership must be active and stay in contact on a regular basis to keep up on information that maybe important. Not doing this will result in possible termination from your rank. This is an important function for our structure. #
  3. Membership

    1. 3.1 Anyone that wants to join =UwG= must fill out the application. This is for record keeping and pre scanning of possible members. The application will then be reviewed. Sometimes we accept members before filling out an application, before becoming full members we request you fill out an application anyways.

      3.1.2 To become a member of =UwG=, you must first be approved to join by leadership to become an official member, and wear our tags in game officially.

      3.1.3 When a New Recruit gets accepted into =UwG=, they should wear our tags in game and or any program we use, xfire/steam ect, ect.

      3.2 Our offical tag is, =UwG=Your name. If able we do request you use the offical tag, but we will accept Your name=UwG=, UwG|Your name, Your name|UwG, ect ect.

      3.3 Respect ALL members at ALL times. Disrespect will get you demoted or terminated.

      3.4 If an Ex =UwG= Member wants to return to =UwG=, Leadership has to approve it. If they are allowed back, they will be a seen as a new recruit rank unless discussed and agreed otherwise

      3.5 You may participate in any or all game divisions =UwG= has to offer. However if you hold the title of Admin or higher in one division then you hold that rank in all

      3.6 Double clanning is not allowed. If you get caught double clanning you will be terminated from =UwG=. exceptions maybe made if =UwG= doesn't have a division in that game.

      3.6.2 When playing a game =UwG= doesn't have a division members should always promote and try to build up the community in such game, if able.

      3.7 In game names. when joining or signing up for stuff always try to use the same name. It's easier for everyone to remember you as one name over many.

      3.7.2 If you haven't used the same name for long try to pick one that is not only easy to remember but rarely used.

      3.8 Recruitment - Anyone can recruit and members are encouraged to recruit within our recruiting guidelines.

      3.9 We will not induct a member that may have conflicts with an already existing member. Therefore, in the interest of maintaining "peace" throughout the clan

      3.10 Members should always portray excellent sportsmanship in their online gaming. #
  4. Forum Rules

    1. 4.1 No excessive swearing/cursing/lewdness in any language.

      4.2 No posting of pornographic/sexist material.

      4.3 No posting of cheat related links, web page or download links.

      4.4 No posting links, articles or any cheat related information on forums or else where. You will be banned immediately depending on the admin.

      4.5 No spamming by repeatedly posting the same thing or bumping dead topics for no particular reason.

      4.6 No advertising or recruiting.

      4.7 No multiple/account creation.

      4.8 Forum login name should be your primary game name. #
  5. Teamspeak

    1. 5.1 Foul language is only permitted if it doesn't upset no one. Failing to respect others when requested could help you to lose the right of speech in that channel and or Teamspeak.

      5.2. Teamspeak and mic is a requirement for all members.

      5.2.1 Users should set mic to "push to talk". Failing to do so could have your voice rights
      removed, moved from channel, kick and even banned.

      5.2.2 Must be on TS3 while playing. If your mic broke or is MIA get on anyways.

      5.3 No recording in any Teamspeak channel unless all users or an admin allow.

      5.4 Chat Binds are allowed as long as they don’t break and should not be used in scrims or matches.

      5.5 No Admin rights allowed unless founder specifies for that individual.

      5.6 No disruptions while admins are in meetings .

      5,7. No yelling or getting nasty with anyone at anytime. Respect!

      5.7.1 Yelling or getting nasty with anyone can lead to being banned

      5.8 Flooding of any type is prohibited.Music & Loud Noise - Keep any chitchat, music or other distracting sounds out of channel unless it is admitted by all members in said channel.

      5.9 No editing channels without clearing it with leadership

      5.10 Rage! Control your rage. no one wants to hear you yell and cry every time you die or something doesn't go your way. light comment like rage is normal but never let it go to far!

      5.11 Disagreements are normal but should handled with respect to each-other. If 2 members have a disagreement, they are to go to a private channel and discuss it maturely. If you would like request a =UwG= representative there with you just ask. #
  6. Game Servers

    1. 6.1 No hacking,cheating,modding or exploiting bugs. Breaking this rule will result termination from =UwG=

      6.2. No calling others hackers without proof.

      6.2.1 If you suspect cheating. Get a proof in the format of a demo,name,map,situation,date (situation: wall hack, aim bot,spam,team killing ect ect. and send to Leadership ( Don). To often do players mistake skill, game lag and other things for hacking. Please get proof because someone calling out hacks all day gets annoying. This Rule is enforced because I am sick of hearing false claims

      6.2.2 If a member gets banned for cheating and shares a computer with a family member, they both have to be banned at the same time until further investigating by =UwG= leadership.

      6.3 Rcon or Admin abuse will result in losing access and/or possible termination.

      6.3.1 Any attempt to use Rcon without permission will result in a kick or ban.

      6.3.2 Any abuse of power is not tolerated. If you have a complaint save a demo and send it to the clan founder (don). Or other leadership if needed.

      6.4 No Spawn camping/killing . results warning,kick,ban.

      6.4.1 If for some reason a player spawns in front of you it is understandable it's kill or be killed. Don't go out of your way to force this spawn or attack into uncap bases.

      6.5 Do not complain about how the server is configured. Comments and suggestions are received in the forum.

      6.6 Always play on the same team with other =UwG= members, whenever possible. #
  7. Competitive Gaming

    1. 7.1 No Cheating! Winning isn't worth it.

      7.2 No Raging! Getting upset is normal but for no reason should anyone rage in a match or scrim.

      7.3 No mic spam! Communication and teamwork are a must but don't spam useless noise.

      7.4 Never rage quit. Rage quiting can lead to being kick from league or even =UwG=

      7.5 Never do anything to make =UwG= forfeit matches

      7.6 Players should Share strategies, tactics, maps, and ideas for matches on the forums

      7.7 Players should help train lower skilled players.

      7.8 Players must obey all league rules

      7.9 Players should save screen shots and videos for =UwG= records

      7.10 If not picked to start should discuss it with leadership

      7.11 Not everyone is welcome to enter every league. Let leadership know your interested #
  8. Leaves of Absence/Missing in Action

    1. 8.1 If planning to be MIA for a week or more please let the community know by posting on forums. Everyone needs a break, but it's rude to leave us hanging.

      8.2 If a member has been inactive for more then 15 day they maybe demoted.

      8.3 If a member has been inactive for more then 30 days membership maybe terminated.

      8.4 If leadership is aware of the member going inactive such member could keep ranking. #
  9. Security

    1. 9.1 If you feel that someone has broken a rule, you should contact leadership. please have all info and proof ready.

      9.1.1 video, Screen shots, FTP logs,Chat logs and E-mails maybe justified evidence of rule breaking. Each of these items will be looked into. If they are legitimate, the member will be punished accordingly.

      9.2 All members should re-post anyone they know to be planning an attack on the community in anyway.

      9.2.1 Members found failing to report others are just as guilty #
  10. Donations/Server Payments/Gifts

    1. 10.1 Donations are accepted by anyone who wishes to contribute to the community.

      10.2 Contributions should only be made for the well-being of the clan and not for personal gain.

      10.3 No member should try to suck up or request gifts for personal gain unless gift is already offered

      10.4 No member has to donate to keep membership, but all members should do what they can to support our community #
  11. Discipline

    1. 11.1 First Offense: Verbal Warning.

      11.2 Second Offense: Possible Demotion

      11.3 Third Offense: Removal from =UwG=

      11.4 Founder and Clan Leaders makes these decisions and have the right to discipline as they see fit #