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All4chaos AP

Postby ALL4chaos » Fri Apr 24, 2020 2:48 pm

General Details:

Q. What is your first name?
A.Anthony (all4chaos)

Q. How old are you?

Q. Where are you located? City, State/Province/Country

Q. Game Client Info:Steam?Origin?Xfire?UAC?Other?(Please list userid/name)

Q. What is your Steamid?
(i.e. STEAM_0:1:1010101, you can check on any source server>in console type status)

Q. Have you ever been banned by VAC or Anything?
(For example; I have been banned by VAC for modding weapons)

Q. Have you ever cheated, modded or used 3rd party software?

Clan Questions:

Q. What clan(s) have you been in?

Q.Why did you leave these clans?

Q.Why do you wish to join =UwG=?
A.cause ziggy made me lol

Q.Do you wish to play with =UwG= competitively?

Q.If playing for a league, will downloading Anticheat software be a problem?

Q.Do you have any league experience? (I.E. Clanwars, TWL, CAL,ESL?)


Q. Do you possess any particular skills, traits, or experience outside of gaming that you could contribute to our website, servers, or community?(For example web/graphic design, and or programming, etc.)
A.just infantry crap

Q. Our servers rely on donations to stay alive. Would you be willing to contribute to the upkeep of our servers?(This does not determine eligibility to join UwG)

Q. Do you have a microphone?

Q. Do you have or will you download TS3?

Q. How did you hear about United World Gamers

Q. Were you recommended by any members to join =UwG=? If so, who?

Q. Please list the game(s) your applying for along with other games you actively play

Q. Do you agree to accept our rules and will abide by them?

=UwG= Leader
=UwG= Leader
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Re: All4chaos AP

Postby SilentDingo » Fri Apr 24, 2020 2:49 pm

Chaos has been playing with us for a while accepting him to, welcome aboard.

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=UwG= Founder
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Re: All4chaos AP

Postby Donaramu » Fri Apr 24, 2020 6:41 pm

Donaramu, United World Gamers Founder, Married and Living.
Steam: don7777s
origin: donaramu
xfire don7777s or donaramu( rarely use xfire, to many programs)

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=UwG= Administrator
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Re: All4chaos AP

Postby swats73 » Sat Apr 25, 2020 3:54 am

Welcome to the ever increasing mad house.
REME Veteran, It's not that I can and others can't. It's that I did and others didn't.

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